2009 Citroen C5 Review

The second generation Citroen C5 an appreciable withdrawal from initial the car which has arrived in 2001, and Gift difficult movements. Though in the middle of life Facelift it is compensated considerable speak, it was the first C5 beauty in an eye less the spectator. It has been bought for functions, the size, economy and values. This time, in Citroën, it is probable, optimistical, if its average Sajzer rushes to market sector in which dominate now on smaller cars, as S-class Mercedes-Benz, BMW 3-Series and Audi A4. But the decision for packing of the carburettor engine, more likely, a choice between 2,0 litres and 2,7 litres of a diesel engine do not offer intellectual which reflects a profile of the client.

The prices start from $51,990 Comfort 2.0-litre HDi and ends with $65,490 Exclusive 2.7-litre HDi.

Citroen various additional functions have the second generation of the car, to include in it. Three planes style types gondolas the tool which works under the information the screen are given. Adjustment of height of a back and the equipment also is available to render additional convenience to passengers and the driver.

Citroën Buyers also expect high level of safety and the brilliant driving, kindly known marks Rise's and falling a hydropneumatic suspension bracket. About safety, С5 differs as the five-stars executor, but by the second criterion it lags behind the heritage. On cruiser speed of driving the goddess is flexible, but not in the spirit of flagman C6 or even legendary 1955 ds19 ". It because more attention is given to processing. But it yet BMW through a series corners, too to carry the heavy. The general dynamics very good, but С5 differs in a trip without deforming, and its electric steering gives to any of roads to feel to expect from Citroen. Worse that, at low speeds a trip it is really noisy. Why С5 suffers in this case at flagman C6 does not bring up a question on priorities a technics Citroen. At least, braking is exemplary.

Citroen C5 Pictures

After the hard work new model of Citroen “C5” created. Its bigger in size and it can avvelerate 0-62 mph in 10 seconds and new Citroen C5 is quicker then the previous model. It’s wight is 1,729kg, but it is still smooth on the road.

C5 is very fuel economy and it moves up to 500 miles without refueling, with 70 liter tank(fully filled tank). So owners of this cars can enjoy driving for a days without refuel.

and after this little information about this model here are Citroen C5 Pictures: